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The Back Doctors are pleased to announce:


Dr. Jeff Braun brings 30+ years of B.C. Chiropractic practice experience to share with everyone at The Back Doctors.

Dr. Braun relates that being alive for over 50 years has been a learning experiences as a Chiropractor, “I haven’t been coasting myself!” He relates: “Through hockey, climbing, skiing, and many other sports, I’ve gone through many of the acute conditions I’ve seen my patients show up with in my offices over the years. It’s been enlightening and has helped me maintain a high level of empathy as a practitioner”.

Dr. Braun’s focus in practice and in life is increasing on Healthy Aging, for everyone.


Dr. Braun notes this is not merely living longer, but having the energy and capabilities to follow dreams and participate fully in all aspects of life.

“I think most people would have looked at me two years ago and said I LOOKED pretty healthy…But I knew I wasn’t. My knees hurt, my hips hurt, my shoulders, my moods, and even my thinking were not as good or as sharp as I thought they should be. Instead of feeling middle aged, I felt OLD.”

Dr. Jeff personally improved his own health and vitality by losing over forty pound of body weight, changing his exercise protocols and diet, while being adjusted regularly by his own Chiropractor.Whith a focus on long term health and testing, being a facilitator, mentor and coach for others interested in maintaining a high level of vitality, Dr. Braun shares his inspiring vision:

“Chiropractic treatment and lifestyle has allowed many of my patients and me personally, to bounce back from countless life stress and injuries, enabling many of us to realize we want more out of life. We all want to keep our level of vitality as high as possible for as long as possible. Live the good life!”

Dr. Jeff looks forward to meeting you!

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