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Victoria Chiropractor : Dr. Jon Simpson

I was first introduced to Chiropractic care by my father, a surgeon in Winnipeg where I grew up…

Victoria Chiropractor, Dr. Jon Simpson

Dr. Jon Simpson

I had injured my back while playing hockey at age 13, and of course had my father check it out right away. I was surprised when he told me there was not much he could do as a doctor, and referred me to the local Chiropractor.

My Chiropractic story…

Initially I sought care for pain relief and was satisfied with the effectiveness Chiropractic offered me. In the years that followed I saw my Chiropractor periodically for other injuries as they happened, always happy with the pain relief that it offered me. Then I began to notice some subtle changes, and I was intrigued. I realized that whenever I was receiving adjustments from my Chiropractor, I was sleeping better, able to concentrate better and I seemed to have more energy.

Up to this point in my life I had always thought that I would, like my father, end up working as a health care provider of some type. I now recognize that it was through my fathers wisdom as a leading surgeon in his day and the decision to refer me to chiropractic care that set in motion a series of events that lead me to being a chiropractor today.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Simpson attended the University of Manitoba, where his pre-chiropractic studies included Biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology (genetics), and physics. Following graduation in the spring of `97, Dr. Simpson was accepted into Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis where he received his degree from the Chiropractic College in 2001. Here his studies included physiology, pathology, histology and embryology with emphasis on human anatomy, spinal anatomy, X-ray diagnosis and patient care in the outpatient clinic.

We are a Chiropractic family

I’m originally a prairie boy but I love life on the west coast. This is where I met my wife and we had our two daughters. When I’m not in the clinic I’m usually at home playing with my daughters. My hobbies include hiking, cycling, camping,and photography, all of which I try to fit into my busy schedule. My wife, children and I all benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments for general health and prevention, and to counter the daily stresses of life. I feel that everyone should be entitled to experience the benefits of chiropractic care!

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give our office a call, or email me and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.