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The Victoria Chiropractic & Wellness Team

Randy Morrison

Orthotics in Victoria

Randy Morrison has been with the team at The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic for over 15 years, providing outstanding, effective solutions for many common, rare, and unusual foot related health problems. Thousands of Victorians have already put Randy’s skilled hands to work for them with his custom fabricated foot Orthotics.

Randy knows that your Orthotics will only work really well for you if he performs a detailed foot, ankle and knee examination, performs a detailed gait analysis, and spends the time required to listen carefully to you to get to know the exact demands you place on your feet with your particular lifestyle. “The main problem with most Orthotics is that they are not made specifically to that one person’s feet, or they are not made of the right materials to combine enough strength for the requisite support, and enough flex to provide comfort.”

Randy grew up in Kelowna and has been living on the coast in Victoria for over 18 years. He is passionate about hiking, and has guided many people of all ages on hikes of all levels throughout our beautiful forests here in BC, which led to his deep interest in developing solutions for sore feet! Randy has hiked the well known and rugged West Coast Trail over 15 times providing experiences of a lifetime for those lucky enough to join him.

When Randy is not creating lasting solutions for people’s foot problems, he can usually be found outdoors, perusing hiking equipment at any of the local outdoor equipment suppliers, or spending time with his spouse, Maria.

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