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Foot & Ankle Pain

Foot and Ankle pain

Problems down here can often show up in your knees, hips, lower back and even your neck.

Do you suffer with foot or ankle pain?

Our unique treatment approach to foot, ankle and even knee pain may provide you relief where other treatment approaches have failed. Most foot and ankle pain, and some knee and low back pain is relatively easily correctable with the combination of Chiropractic adjustments to the foot and corrective foot orthotics.

Traditional Orthotic Therapy alone often fails because the orthotic itself is unable to restore motion to the individual bones and joints of the foot which become stuck in a painful position as the arch of the foot falls. Hands-on Chiropractic adjustments performed on these joints provide a highly effective way of freeing these joints up and reducing pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Custom Foot Orthotics

If you have an ongoing degenerative process in your foot such as a fallen arch, or plantar fasciitis, you likely require an orthotic to restore the shape and bony relationships of your foot. This combination of Chiropractic adjustments to your foot and Custom Foot Orthotics enable the joints of the foot to move properly, and maintains integral support to the bones and joints in your foot, enabling the ligaments and muscles to heal, and eventually, chronic degenerative inflammation to be reduced.

If you already have orthotics but still have foot pain, bring them in with you for your consultation. Often a few adjustments to free up the joints in your foot will enable your orthotics to their job and allow you to be free of your foot pain.

Details, Details…

Want to find out if orthotics are right for you? Just call our office or click on the email link and ask for a NO CHARGE orthotics consultation! Be sure to bring in your 3 most commonly worn pairs of shoes!

Most orthotics are covered under your extended insurance plan- please consult your carrier for coverage requirements and let us know how we can help.

Give our Victoria chiropractic office a call to schedule an appointment for your custom fit orthotics!