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Neck Pain, Headaches & Migraines

Do you suffer from neck pain, or headaches?

Victoria BC neck pain

The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic has helped thousands of people overcome their neck pain and headaches.

When you find yourself wishing the pain would just go away, do you ever wonder what is causing it in the first place? Lets rule out the possibilities: Not enough Tylenol, Advil, or Aspirin in your system? not likely! Were you born this way? No, even though you may not remember how long you’ve been suffering. The fact of the matter is that 80% of neck pain and headaches are structural in origin which means that chemicals (drugs) are not going to correct the cause of the pain.

For an otherwise healthy individual, it is hard to imagine anything that erodes your quality of life more than chronic or intermittent neck pain and/or headaches, including migraines. The good news is that you don`t necessarily have to keep suffering– HELP IS AVAILABLE!

At The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic we have helped thousands of people just like you overcome their neck pain and headaches. We employ a wide variety of hands on techniques and using input from you, we can select a technique you are totally comfortable with as we help to resolve your health issue.

Pinched Nerves

In order to understand where pain in the head or neck originates from one needs to look at the anatomy of the structures involved. Firstly, do you know that brain tissue is virtually devoid of nocioceptive nerve endings? In plain English this means that brain tissue itself generally does not have all that much ability to sense pain, though some structures inside your head do. This is why, with the exception of migraines, most pain felt in the head (ie: Headaches) is thought to originate from the outside of the skull.

So why the anatomy lesson?

Like any other area of the spine, the vertebrae in your neck are susceptible to alignment problems which lead to pinched nerves and referred pain. In the case of the upper neck, the nerves that supply the head can be pinched by an alignment problem where they enter the spine and cause referred pain into your head, creating your headache. If the alignment problem and resulting pinched nerve is lower in your neck, you may experience pain or numbness in your arm or hand. Of course depending upon which nerve is being pinched, you will often also feel pain locally in your neck.

Chiropractors have helped thousands of Canadians overcome neck pain and headaches for well over 100 years

Chiropractic Adjustments and/or Soft tissue techniques restore the alignment of your spine and remove pressure from pinched nerves. Chiropractors have been helping thousands and thousands of Canadians overcome neck pain and headaches for well over 100 years. Though there have been many changes in health care over this time frame, there is no way Chiropractic care would have grown into the large branch of mainstream medicine that it is today if it were anything other than the safe, legitimate, effective, cost effective, carefully researched approach to eliminating neck pain and headaches that it is today.

Remember, though your pain may fluctuate from day to day, if you have a pinched nerve in your neck this is a mechanical problem that is very unlikely to “go away” on it’s own. When you are ready to take action and get out of pain give us a call and together we will find out why you are in pain and how to fix it.

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