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Registered Massage Therapy in Victoria

Covid-19 Protocols

Massage Therapy patients, Please go to 2 days before your appointment for a Covid 19 self test

At The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic, Massage Therapy plays an important role in helping patients along their road to better health. Due to the presence of relaxation massage in spas, people often don’t realise that Registered Massage Therapists can often relieve many common aches and pains.

Massage therapy in Victoria

Massage and Chiropractic can be an unbeatable team.

Most extended health plans provide some coverage for Registered Massage Therapy. Some extended health plans require a doctors referral, check with your plan today!

Though our Therapists do offer relaxation and preventative massage, their in depth training and education enables them to provide effective hands on relief for numerous health issues.

If you have already enjoyed the health benefits of Massage Therapy and are looking for a new practitioner, you will find our Massage Therapists to have superior clinical and listening skills, and that they pay close attention to your specific health goals and treatment needs.

Our team of Massage Therapists

In addition, our Massage Therapists, Brad Pejril and Jason Geddes, RMTs enjoy working collaboratively with the Doctors and other practitioners in our office to help you get better faster. If you are new to Massage Therapy and are not sure if is the right choice for your health needs, just give our friendly staff a call and they will be more than happy to answer all your questions and let you know about our competitive rates.

If you’re considering Massage Therapy just give The Back Doctors Wellness Clinic a call to book an appointment- it’s that easy. You do not require permission from anyone to start enjoying the relief that our Massage Therapists have to offer!